Set-top Box


Set-top Box DT510F/DC510F

Data Sheet.pdf

Hardware Specification

– MPEG-II Digital & Fully DVB-T (DT510F); DVB-C (DC510F) Compliant video and audio
– Support MPEG-2 video at MP@ML, MP@LL, SP@ML
– DVB-T Compliant COFDM Tuner (DT510F); DVB-C Compliant QAM Tuner (DC510F)
– COFDM 2K/8K demodulation (DT510F); 16/64/256 QAM demodulation (DC510F)
– 7/8 MHz Channel Bandwidth
– Display Resolution PAL 720×576 @ 50Hz interlace
– Full screen OSD, alpha blending and arbitrary video scaling
– Four display planes including background, still picture, video and OSD graphics
– Support for JPEG still image display
– Audio decoder accepted MPEG-1, layers I and II
– Stereo, Joint Stereo, Mono audio mode supported
– RC6 RCU IR protocol supported
– RF modulator optional (PAL I, D/K, B/G)
– TUNER loop through optional
– Smart card reader optional

System Resource

– CPU : Enhanced 32bit VL-RISC CPU Sti5105
– SDRAM : 8/16/32 Mbytes optional
– FLASH : 1/2/4 Mbytes optional
– TUNER : SAMSUNG or PHILIPS with RF-remod optional
– COFDM demod : stv0360 or 361 (DT510F); QAM demod : Stv0297D or 297J (DC510F)


– Tuner Signal Input
– Tuner Signal loopthrough
– RF modulator optional
– TV SCART (support CVBS, RGB, YCbCr, L/R, TV switch)
– VCR SCART (support CVBS, RGB, YCbCr, L/R, VCR switch)
– Analogue audio L&R RCA outputs
– RS232 serial port
– SPDIF RCA or Optical output Optional
– Three Front Panel Buttons for stand-by, channel up and down.
– One Front Panel bi-color LED for power/standby indicator
– Smart card reader optional


-12V DC input
-Power adaptor 216-264V AC input, 12V/1A DC output
-Power Consumption: 8W typical
-Standby Consumption: < 5W typical

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