Date         Event
2005/06 Personal Video Phone received “National Awards of Excellence 2005″
2005/01 Personal Video Phone received the most Innovative Product Award in CES 2005
2004/07 Taipei branch office established, new Engineering team on board
2004/07 TL9000 certified
2004/06 Personal Video Phone prototype demonstrated in White House
2004/05 DOCSIS 2.0 Wireless CableHome Router in production
2004/03 DOCSIS 2.0 Voice Cable Modem in production
2003/11 Media Station launched
2003/01 Multi-decoder digital IP Set-top Box launch
2002/11 Security appliance launch
2002/07 New digital media development team formed
2002/06 HomePlug technology launch and demostration in Computex
2002/01 ISO9001 2000 version certified
2001/03 Launch of Multi-layer Routing Switch series
2001/02 Official new building opening day
2000/11 Broadband Gateway in mass production
2000/02 Introduction of the innovative USB Ethernet Switch
2000/01 New 8-stories building in full operation
1999/10 First in Asia to introduce Stackable Gigabit EthernetSwitch
1999/02 Formal introduction of Mototeck branded networking range
1999/01 ISO-9001 certification
1998/07 Introduction of SohoBasic networking range
1998/01 Commence construction of the new 8-stories building
1997/03 Reorganize manufacturing facilities, improve capacityandfunctionality
1996/11 Affiliation with Accton and introduce LAN products
1995/03 Introduces motors for CDROM drives, stepping motors intomass production
1992/01 Complete motors for Notebook 2.5″ and 1.8″HDDs
1991/05 Obtained Central Governmentfinancial backing
1989/10 Introduce motors for 5.25″ and 3.5” HDDs
1988/05 Mototeck Incorporated

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