Manufacturing and Quality

Mototeck offers the most efficient and flexible manufacturing strategy to their customers, through a network of top quality manufacturing partners all around the globe, Mototeck is able to utilize QMIthe most appropriate facilities to meet the customer’s requirements, product characteristics and logistics consideration. The network of manufacturing partners present Mototeck with flexible capacity allocation, redundancy provision and the ability to offer the most cost effective manufacturing costs. The qualities of Mototeck’s products are unmistakable. Behind the ISO-9001 and TL9000 international quality standard, each product undergoes rigorous testing and is backed by a Mototeck Quality-Assurance program.
To achieve the goal of total quality leadership, Mototeck has established a company quality policy that states:

Mototeck is committed to total quality management, providing product and services QMSthat conform to the requirements of its customers and its quality management system. Through continual review and improvement, they are committed to exceeding the expectations of their customers, achieving total customer satisfaction.

In the implementation and deployment of the quality policy, every personnel of Mototeck has the responsibility for managing quality.

  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Efficient and smart use of resources
  • Continuous performance and process improvements
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