Complete Solution

Mototeck offers a full range of high performance broadband products to provide its customers with total digital home solutions. Among these are the Video Phone, Digital Set-top Box, IP Set-top Box, Media Station, Voice Cable Modem, VoIP Gateway and adapter, Broadband wireless Gateway, MoCA adapter, HomePlug adapter and Gateway, Ethernet adapter and Switch.All Mototeck products are designed with two philosophies in mind, simplicity with high performance at affordable prices and meet major standards for maximum performance and reliability. These philosophies carry over every product aspect including installation, management and expansion. The products are flexible, expandable, easy to install and manage. Mototeck’s products are also designed and manufactured to meet major recognized standards such as CE, VCCI, FCC, CSA, and IEC for maximum performance and reliability. Furthermore, all Mototeck’s products undergo stringent ISO-9001/TL9000 quality testing to be certain they meet major global manufacturing standards.


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